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Young Man Arise!

Brian takes us on a heart-touching journey through the gang infested streets of Los Angeles to being sentenced to life in prison. You will be infused with fresh hope as you learn how God miraculously freed him from prison after 16 years. 

book about redemption and change


"In our worship gatherings, we need to move from motions to moments."

"God is making an end-time army out of broken people who have experienced His healing power." 

"I'm learning more and more that we desparately need the Holy Spirit amongst us."

"One the reasons why churches don't grow past 200 is because the pastor is trying to do everything."

"For male leaders, one of the tests of effective leadership is rather or not other men follow you."

"Your first responsibility as a citizen of God's Kingdom is to discern where your worship has been going and transfer it to the only One who deserves it - Jesus."

"We need old school convictions with new school innovation."

"God is not just able to restore your life but He's willing."

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