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Person Who Killed My Brother Died

Recently, the person who killed my oldest brother died.

I grew up hating Donald, wanting to hurt him and blaming him for all my family's pain.

Years ago, my relative tried to kill him by stabbing him in the neck. On a gurney being transported to the hospital, thinking he was about to die, Donald surrendered his heart to Jesus Christ.

Jesus changes everything.

Donald survived and went on to serve the Lord. Jesus began to transform him from the inside out.

I was in prison serving a life sentence for murder. I had just surrendered my heart to Jesus too. I didn't know anything about Donald. I never imagined one day we would meet.

In 2016, by God's Hand, Donald and I met up. It was deep. It was crazy abnormal. So intense.

Donald allowed me to ask him all the questions I ever wanted. Why he shot my oldest brother? How did he feel afterwards? Why didn't he ever come back to apologize to my mom?

He opened himself to my mom and I.

We prayed together, cried together, ate dinner together and then went to David's gravesite together. My mom and I forgave Donald as we all stood over David's burial site. We received Donald as a brother in Christ (watch

God still works miracles. The person I grew up hating, I now began to cheer for.

RIP my brother Donald. God's grace in amazing. You taught me how to face my fears with faith. I'll continue to tell our story of radical reconciliation to God's glory!

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