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Pastor Brian is strongest speaking on the subjects of faith, hope, leadership, church growth, church planting, and diversity.

2020 Calendar:

Jan. 19-21 - FMC Large Church Pastors Gathering, San Diego

Jan. 25 - Donavan State Prison, San Diego

Feb. 11 - Hope University, Orange County

Apr. 4 - Praise Chapel Men's Gathering, Huntington Park

Apr. 16-19 - Gateway Annual Conference, Greenville, IL

Apr. 25 - Port City Church, Wilmington

May 2 - Faddy Foundation, Carson

May 31- June 3 - Christ Community Church, Columbus, GA

Oct. 17 - Liberty Temple Conference

Nov. 10-12 - Glocal Family Gathering, Houston


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Bishop Matt


“Rev. Brian Warth is not only an effective communicator, he is also a Spirit-filled leader who understands how truth applies in the current culture. He is able to speak to the most diverse audiences with equal impact.

Free Methodist Church, USA

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